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Introduction to BORO

by même .

Boro is the age old Japanese art of mending textiles, translated as “rags,” or “scraps of cloth.” In the past it was applied out of necessity, now it’s commonly used aesthetically to honor its history.

With the rise of ready to wear and mass production in the last 50 years, the way we consume has shifted. Although there is much awareness around the eco-friendly production methods of clothing, we aren’t asking enough questions about what happens to these garments once we feel their purpose has been served. 

Society’s beliefs today are that materials shouldn’t or can’t age. That something should remain pristine throughout it’s entire lifespan, and when they develop an aged look or imperfection, that it’s reached a point of no use. In turn, we’ve adopted a habitual buy-waste mentality for the clothing we consume. Also known as fast fashion.

Boro is a conceptual project where we examine, reimagine, and challenge the life cycle of clothing. Over time, we’ll pull styles from previous collections, worn by children, and apply traditional mending techniques developed by and used in 18th & 19th century Japan.

Emulating garments that have been loved, cared for, and passed down from sibling to sibling, generation to generation, the goal of this project is provide insight on sustainability through longevity in clothing. Through Boro, we hope to reframe the way we think and consume for the future.


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