by même .

We love to see an idea come together! Our workshops were created to invite children to explore ideas inspired by our collections and exercise their creativity. Our goal is to provide a space for kids to truly feel centered and empowered and connect them to même. in ways that they will hopefully remember for years to come!

On Saturday, March 5th we hosted our first Sunprint Kit Workshop in community with our friends at Flower District Gift Shop. Kids harnessed the power of the sun to create their own unique photo prints using our signature même. patterns. Even when the heavy winds were pushing us around, the kids were fully focused on bringing their vision of the photo print to life. We also previewed our upcoming Spring/Summer 2022 collection in it's entirety -- more info on this soon!

A huge thank you to Mallory, Steve, Jessica, Tyler, Jason at Nabeeya and Diana at Copalli for helping us create a special day for the little ones. Shout out to the Sun as well because without that it wouldn't have been possible! ;)
Enjoy the recap video.

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