The Discovery Kit
is an Activity for
Kids and Grownups
to do Together

As a child, did you know how special you were? When was the last time you were asked about your bravery? Were you taught the importance of loving yourself, or that the emotions you had were valid?

With the Discovery Kit, kids can design their own signature même. t-shirt by selecting from 4 different affirmations, and learn more about themselves through writing and coloring activities centered on the words. The writing and coloring activities double as posters to hang up around the home!

We’re here to spark curiosity and connection between kids and the world around them—and most importantly, within themselves.

The Discovery Kit serves a greater purpose of funding free community libraries all over the globe, in honor of The Conscious Kid, filled with Black and Brown stories that reflect the experiences of kids and families living in our neighborhoods.

même. Discovery Kit Colorway One même. Discovery Kit Colorway Two

There are two t-shirt colorway options, and each kit comes with:

- Step by Step Instructions
- 1 'BLOCK' T-Shirt (Slightly oversized, boxy fit)
- 4 Heat Transfer Affirmations
- 1 "Test" Heat Transfers
- 1 "Test" Fabric Swatch
- 1 Protective Ironing Sheet
- 4 Posters (Coloring/Writing Activity Sheets)

To jumpstart the free community library initiative, help us reach our goal of 500 kits!

257 out of 500 kits

Round 2 of Discovery Kit Pre-Order reopens in April 2022

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Thank you for supporting!

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même. Discovery Kitmême. Discovery Kitmême. Discovery Kit