Welcome to the Discovery Kit Guide


You made it! This page is dedicated to guide you and your little ones through your Discovery Kit journey. Don't feel too intimidated though, the process is meant to be fun and very easy to achieve!


Each Discovery Kit includes:

  • 1 t-shirt in your desired color way

  • 5 heat transfers (I am brave, I am creative, I love myself, No one else is quite like me!, and TEST)

  • 4 activity sheet posters matching each affirmation

  • 1 white fabric swatch for the TEST heat transfer vinyl

  • 1 protective ironing sheet (brown sheet)

Now that we've taken inventory, let's jump right in!


All irons are not created equal, so you'll want to get an idea of how hot your iron gets, and how long you'll need to iron each heat transfer vinyl for a seamless application.

PRO TIP: If you'd like to test more than once, you can cut the TEST heat transfer in half and run two tests. We recommend starting on the "cotton" setting because your tee is made of 95% cotton 5% elastane.

1. Grab your "test" heat transfer and your fabric swatch

2. Place the transfer onto the fabric swatch, with the white/grey textured side touching the fabric. TIP: You should be able to read the text as is. It shouldn't be mirrored

3. Place the protective ironing sheet (brown paper) on top of the heat transfer vinyl

4. Now that your iron is hot, start ironing over the protective sheet and heat transfer, applying light pressure, in a circular motion for 10-12 seconds. Think of it as ironing away light creases in a dress shirt

5. When the 10-12 seconds are up, peel back the heat transfer plastic film while still hot. We call this a "hot peel." If the plastic easily peels away, residue-free, and without skewing your artwork, then this setting work's just fine to proceed! If you notice that some of the transfer doesn't stick to your fabric right away, no need to panic! Take the protective ironing sheet and iron directly onto the heat transfer vinyl for 3-4 more seconds until the film removes cleanly or the text sets into the fabric nicely.

TIP: You'll know the heat transfer vinyl is set by gently stretching the fabric. When we iron it, we're actually melting it into the material's fiber, so the text shouldn't be raised or look like it's just sitting on top of the fabric. Super good quality vinyl!


Now that you've got your iron dialed in, it's time to start the design process with your little ones! This entire kit is about spending time together, creating memories, and affirming each other.

We highly encourage you to take a moment to explore each affirmation and what it may mean to you, your children, or loved ones. Affirmations are powerful, because we are what we declare!

If you need a little nudge, here are some questions we used to break the ice with kids:

I AM BRAVE -- What does it mean to be brave? Was there a time when you felt brave? What were you doing? Did you feel scared at first? How did it feel when you tried that new thing?

I AM CREATIVE -- Do you have dreams at night? Do you remember your last dream? What does the perfect day out look like to you? What's your favorite thing to create? What kind of tools do you like to use?

I LOVE MYSELF -- What do you love most about yourself? What do you love about your [best friend, brother, sister, etc]? What does it mean to be kind to ourselves or others?

NO ONE ELSE IS QUITE LIKE ME! -- Did you know that there really is only one you in this world? How special is that? Do you know how special you are to us?


Time to watch your little ones shine! Help them place their affirmations on the t-shirts wherever they'd like, just remember white/grey textured side down ;)

Once all of your affirmations have been placed in their desired positions on the t-shirt, start applying them one-by-one depending on their placements.

Reminder: Double check that your iron is hot and ready to go! Most irons have an auto-shut off and will need to reheat.

1. Repeat the flow of steps in STEP 1 for all text designs, et voila!

PARENTS! Please don't skip this next step!
2. To ensure all heat transfer vinyl application is really set for long term wear, turn the shirt inside out and give the vinyl another light iron. This will melt any little bits of the vinyl that we might've missed in the process.

3. Hang up the shirt to let it cool down and set. DO NOT WASH SHIRT FOR 48-72 HOURS.

For more care instructions, keep scrolling! :)


There's more fun included! Each affirmation is accompanied by a self-reflection activity sheet that encourages kids to explore further and doubles as a poster to hang up on the walls once completed!

I AM BRAVE -- Kids are encouraged to list 5 brave things they've done

I AM CREATIVE -- A good ol' coloring sheet to help calm the mind and turn into a masterpiece!

I LOVE MYSELF -- An opportunity to instill self-loving language and reflect it onto others. Kids are encouraged to think about themselves and the people in their lives to fill in the prompts

NO ONE IS QUITE LIKE ME! -- This one is fun! It's a poster page for kids to draw a portrait of themselves


REMINDER: Do not wash your tees for 48-72 hours after applying heat transfer vinyl

même. tees are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane

Wash inside out, in cold water with like colors. Use mild soap. Do not use bleach. Remove promptly from wash to avoid major wrinkling. Do not tumble dry. Hang drying is best! Warm iron if needed. Do not iron directly onto vinyl. Do not dry clean.

To preserve color and shape, we do not recommend high washing or drying temperatures.

même. Discovery Kitmême. Discovery Kitmême. Discovery Kit

Now that you've designed your first même. t-shirt, we'd love to share it with the world!
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