it all starts with childhood.

growing up, we don’t realize how big of an impact our early years have on us, until we become adults and begin navigating these spaces as expecting parents. we’re looking for the best for our kids, while learning how to give the best of ourselves.

in a world where so much has changed since we were kids, we were surprised to see kidswear was so slow in evolving. through colors, graphics, and motifs, everything is telling kids who they are and what they should be; creating a layer of expectations that limits their imagination. we wondered what it would look like to create a children’s line that supports, nurtures, and inspires kids as much as their parents do.

we're thinking about the modern family of today—and what your every-day-navigating-parenthood looks like, and how we can support and instill good teachings into the generation we're currently raising. at a time where fast fashion has made clothing feel disposable, we’re bringing back the excitement of getting dressed and building a kids wardrobe rooted in great design, quality, and respect for the people involved in the process. we work with fair-trade manufacturers in Portugal, Spain, and Los Angeles who are all family-owned businesses with generations worth of knowledge and experience making kids clothing.

founded by Reina Acab and Anthony Sosa, même. (meh-m), a French word that loosely translates to “same” and “even,” became a suitable name for a children’s brand operating under the ethos that kids should be celebrated for who they are becoming and free from stereotypes. meshing together our founders' classical menswear design training, textile and surface design studies, and skateboarding roots, our universe naturally intersects the fashion and art disciplines, bringing a tasteful approach to the kids industry. 

we're known best for our bold, strong image and original silhouettes. parents love that our clothes are both playful and practical—they can withstand heavy play, grow with their children, and last for many years. kids love how comfortable and special they feel when they wear même. we've seen kids from birth to grade school grow up with us and siblings five years apart sharing the same clothes. it’s the kind of clothing families cherish and pass onto cousins and friends.

beyond clothing, we connect with kids through creative workshops and events. every collection is inspired by an artist, concept, or theme that we encourage kids to get involved with; one season, it may be all about the kinetic world of Alexander Calder, while another season is all about our emotions and how we can identify and express them. building these experiences for kids creates core memories they’ll take with them as they grow older. it all starts with childhood.

thank you for being here, we can't wait to grow with your family.