For Spring/Summer 2022 même. invites kids to create and connect with the world around them.

Designed during the first year of the pandemic, we found ourselves reminiscing about our childhoods and imagining how it might be for kids to navigate the realities of today. What is it like to be a kid right now? How are they feeling about themselves? What can we, as adults, do to ensure they feel centered, empowered, and fulfilled?

Meshing together the playfulness of children, the many emotions of childhood, and mindfulness of today’s youth, the Daisy Polka Dots and Wavy Stripes are born.

Daisies symbolize childhood innocence, new beginnings, and happiness

Wavy stripes symbolize water, movement, positivity, and play

When we think of children, we often think of resilience. Kids are so energetic and capable of learning and mastering new ideas—their curiosity leads them to confidence, and these new patterns reflect this energy.

It’s all about creating spaces for kids to discover more about themselves and encouraging them to figure out how they see fit.

With each season comes an activity inspired by the collection. For Spring/Summer 2022 kids learn how to create their own prints and patterns using one of the oldest photographic printing processes: cyanotype.

It’s important to us that kids feel included in building connections to the things we wear, use, and see around us and how it all comes to be.

And as your kids grow, we continue to grow with them! There is more to discover this season with new colorway options that will be exclusively sold at SSENSE.

Spring/Summer 2022 collection arrives in April
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