we're committed to make sure that everything we create is ethically made and environmentally friendly. practicing sustainability looks different for everyone, and we believe that if we operate in a way that's fair and respectful to the people that help us, mindful of the resources it takes to create, and responsible for any residual waste that comes from the process, then we're doing our part in providing for families while being considerate of people and our planet.

we not only think about the impact of our products during the production process, but also their life cycle and how it'll be used once a child is done with it.


raised in Philippine and Argentine households, where multiple children learned to share everything from bedrooms, clothes and shoes - sustainability in the sense of reuse, recycle, upcycle has been a part of our reality since childhood. nothing went to waste.

our families learned to adapt through survival, so we understand the privilege we have in being able to create the things we wish to see in this world and don't take it for granted.

keeping our childhood in mind, we hope to instill the teachings of cherishing what we have and making use of it until we can't anymore, and then passing it on to the next person to enjoy, if possible. shared between brothers and sisters.


we source natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, and silk and use recycled polyester for specialty products like backpacks, winter outerwear, and swimsuits.

our factories are OEKO-TEX certified, which guarantees that fabrics and materials are free from harmful chemicals. our garments are made from organic GOTS certified cottons, meaning they are free of pesticides and herbicides.


PLAY, a collection of clothing and objects brought to life through our work with circular production.

this collection is dedicated to turning imperfect products, remnant fabrics, and production scraps into new designs. through PLAY, we're able to give new life to things that would otherwise be thrown away during the production process.


clothing is meant to be worn and well lived in, it shouldn't be seen as indestructible, but appreciated as it transforms between wears and generations.

we always approach our design and manufacturing process with play and practicality in mind to ensure families get the best quality and long-lasting use from our products.

there are things you can do to extend the life of your kids clothing and accessories:

  • wear them well, but treat them with care. follow the wash instructions for each type of garment.
  • repair rips and tears, cover up stains and holes with patches.
  • when your kids outgrow things, consider passing them on to the next sibling, cousin, or friend.
  • if it's reached its use, consider sending/dropping clothes off to a textile recycling shop, our personal go-to is SUAY in Los Angeles.


the biggest mistake we've made while caring for our clothes was washing natural fiber clothing made of cotton, wool, linens in high washing and drying temperatures. high heat temperatures causes clothes to fade faster, shrink, and warp their shape, especially when washed in the machine.

the best way to preserve color and shape of our garments is to:

  • hand wash in cold water, separately or with like colors
  • hang dry or lay flat to dry
  • use neutral liquid detergents
  • iron on low/medium if necessary, on the inside (not directly on prints) or using a cotton fabric layer between the garment and iron to protect it
  • avoid tumble drying

as with everything we love, a little extra time and care goes a long way.


    all-over print fabric should always be handled with extra care.

    flip garments inside out and wash separately with cold water and neutral liquid detergent. do not rub on the prints or scrub them together.


    these items are delicate in that they could get snagged in a washing machine.

    it's best to wash by hand with cold water and lay flat to dry on a towel than to hang dry so it doesn't stretch.


    garment dyed products are dyed in batches and have tone variations in color.

    always use cold water and neutral liquid detergent, and hang dry to keep its color fresh.


    spot treating with neutral liquid detergent and cold water on a cloth is best. do not throw these in a washing machine or dryer.