We are determined to be a children's design house that is socially and environmentally responsible. With our founders being children of Philippine and Argentine immigrants, it is ingrained in us to consider our intention and impact. We understand the privilege that comes with creating things we wish to see in this world - and we hope to set an example to children of how good things can be done within this space.

To be socially and environmentally responsible, we operate in a way that's fair and respectful to the people that help us, mindful of the resources it takes to create, and considerate of the life cycle of products and any residual waste that comes from the process.

We are committed to partnering with fair-trade producers, whose care and expertise in the kidswear industry is supported by fair labor and safe working conditions.

We are committed to designing timeless children's products that will last beyond a season.

We are committed to utilizing natural, organic fibers, recycled materials, and premium notions for our products.

We are committed to minimizing waste by repurposing and upcycling imperfect products, remnant fabrics, and production scraps - by way of our PLAY collection.

We are committed to embracing the wear-and-tear childhood brings, and hope to instill the teachings of cherishing what we have until we can't anymore, then passing it on to the next person to enjoy.

shared between brothers and sisters.