Group of six children wearing même.même. text: shared between brothers and sisters

même. is a children’s brand free of expectations—a universe that celebrates childhood and creative self-expression.

Portrait of child wearing a voluminous, asymmetrical dress in a vintage washed patchwork polka dots and stripes print, paired with a black woollen beret

While shopping for children’s clothing, we noticed the messaging within the graphics, motifs, and colors – pink and purple, sweet and nurturing for girls; blue and green, fierce and assertive for boys. Everything is telling kids who they are and what they should be, and we set out to change this.

At même., we like to ask, “Who do you want to be today?” We’ve created a space children feel included and supported in while exploring their creativity and self-expression through dress. Our biggest wish is for kids to build self-worth through their interests and actions, and draw strength from being open, imaginative, and kind.

We use fashion as a way to grow self-awareness of their environment and maintain their confidence within it. Every collection has a learning activity that introduces kids to new artists, concepts, and stories behind the things we wear and use daily, along with in-person workshops where they can explore these ideas hands-on.

We’re known best for our bold, strong image and cuts—our clothing, accessories, and toys are rich in pattern mixing, bridging architectural concepts into children's wear, while reflecting the playfulness childhood brings. The timeless designs can be easily mixed and matched from season to season, and be passed on to siblings, cousins, and friends.

To be kinder to Mother Earth, we think about waste and end-use of our products at the beginning stages of developments. Accessories and toys are made from remnant fabrics of our clothing productions, while styles from previous collections are upcycled and reimagined into new designs through our PLAY collection.

Welcome to the world of même.