kids don't play by the rules, so why would we?

In a world of pink and blue, même. believes children's products don't need to be separated by gender. We create garments and accessories that catch the eye and encourage children to explore their imagination and spark confidence in their own skin.

We do our best to keep parents and children in mind and believe that getting dressed should be easy and fun. Our designs cater to bold prints, shapes, textures, and oversized silhouettes. We offer a versatile range of garments can be mix and matched, collection to collection, in hopes to increase longevity of wears. As our clothing is intended to grow with your children and be shared between brothers and sisters, we seek to become a staple in your mini's wardrobe, each giving a new life to the garment in their own way through play.

be imaginative. stay curious.

// o u r  p r o c e s s
All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our accessories and toys are especially hand crafted by our founder + designer within our studio in Seattle, Washington. Our garments are manufactured in Los Angeles, California. We take the upmost care during our developments to ensure that the quality of products are met to our standards.

// o u r  d e s i g n s
We understand the nature in which children grow (sometimes extremely fast, sometimes slow). To increase the longevity in wears of our garments, we’ve added special elements to cater to the different shapes and sizes of children. One element is our adjustable waistband on all of our trousers (ages 2-10). A second element is offering wider and longer lengths to our garments, so that over time, the garment will adapt to the wearer’s new found growth. Something that might’ve been outgrown in 6 months, may have just been extended by an additional year. Our third design element is including high-end finishing techniques that aren’t commonly used in kidswear. We bind all seams and serge the materials that call for serging, ensuring that the garment is as beautifully done on the inside as it appears to be on the outside.

// o u r  m a t e r i a l s
We source our materials within the USA and Japan. Our products are pre-washed in silicone to reduce shrinkage between washes and are ready to wear upon purchased. We focus on utilizing natural fibers for our products, occasionally sourcing alternative blended fabrics to increase quality. Our garments are intended to be taken care of, yet, well loved through play.