welcome to the world of même. welcome to the world of même.

même. is a children’s clothing label that celebrates childhood and creative self-expression.

kids deserve to feel good and confident in what they wear

getting dressed is about having fun and being comfortable in what we choose. we design clothing and accessories that compliment the wide range of personalities and interests of kids.

equal parts comfortable, functional, and expressive—we balance the playfulness of childhood and practicality of parenthood

discover a universe filled with easy to mix and match cotton styles with signature prints that are loved by girls and boys equally, and approved by parents all around the world.

shared between brothers and sisters

inspired by our childhood, our designs are made to last season to season, year to year, with the intention of growing with your kids. as they outgrow them, we encourage passing styles onto siblings, cousins, and friends.

kind to mother earth and fair to all people involved in the process

practicing sustainability looks different for everyone. we describe ourselves as responsibly made, because we are thinking about the lifecycle of products before they're produced, while respecting the people, resources, and time it takes to create them.

beyond clothing, we are the bridge for kids in discovering their creativity

every season, we teach hands-on workshops highlighting the fashion and art spaces. introducing kids to sewing, new art forms, and all the concepts and ideas that shape our every day lives.