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  • randi rattle ball
  • randi rattle ball

    randi rattle ball

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    our ‘RANDI’ rattle ball is a must have for any tot that wants to shake things up. it features a rattle that’s loud enough for the baby, and just quiet enough for parents. the high contrast panels help stimulate your child’s vision. ‘RANDI’ is made of excess fabrics from our previous clothing productions. hand sewn in limited quantities at our design studio in Los Angeles, California (USA).

    100% cotton poplin with polyester filling
    pre-washed fabric
    small rattle box inside ball
    handmade in USA

    due to the upcycled and handmade nature of this ball, each one is unique and may have slight variations between one another. consider it one-of-a-kind.

    'RANDI' is part of our PLAY collection - all items released through PLAY help directly fund children's workshops and events to keep them free and accessible to all families.

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    shared between brothers and sisters