we partner with local artists, non-profit organizations, and global brands to host educational events and hands-on workshops highlighting the fashion and art spaces.

these community events invite kids to get involved in learning something new, while introducing kids to sewing, fashion design, new art forms, and all the concepts and ideas that shape our every day lives.

outside of a traditional school setting, kids are immersed in a diverse range of cultural and artistic play. they're able to learn the origins of ideas, what it takes to develop an art form, and explore their own creativity within it.

it's important for kids to be surrounded by and engage with people building inspiring worlds. we'd even argue that it's even more crucial that kids are able to see a reflection of themselves in the world they live in—to see that they, too, can achieve anything and play an active role in their journeys. we believe that supporting and nurturing kids imaginations makes for a better future for us all.

discover past workshops and events below and be sure to sign-up for our newsletter to receive invitations to future events.


in the spirit of starting new holiday traditions, we partnered with our friends at FILIPINO STORY TIME in Seattle, WA to teach kids all about the Parol (Filipino star-shaped, paper lantern) and New Years traditions we share.

we read children's book, Parol: What Makes Us Filipino written by Maggie Manalo,learned how to bring in the New Year by displaying round fruits in our homes, wearing polka dots, and eating specific foods for good luck!

kids made their own parol using black and white tissue inspired by the prints in our universe and musical instrument to make lots of noise for New Years!

over 80 parols were made in one afternoon and we are excited to make this an annual event for families.

special thanks to HOMETEAM, HOMETEAM GALLERY, and DARKALINO'S for hosting us at their beautiful space in Pioneer Square.


Art Together is an interactive, experiential program, founded by THE FEELS FOUNDATION, and run by local Black and Brown teaching artists. this program was designed to foster creativity, instill confidence and provide mentorship for students.

for their summer programming, we taught kids how to eco-print their own t-shirts and bandanas using flowers. kids learned how pigment is found in nature, the types of flowers that give rich colors, and the beauty and creativity that comes from natural shapes.

introducing kids to sustainable and natural ways of creating opened their eyes to utilizing what's around us. anything can be used in the name of art.


in continuation of THE FEELS FOUNDATION'S summer programming, we taught kids how to tie dye t-shirts using natural pigments found in fruits and vegetables.

using onion peels, red cabbage, and blueberries, kids created their own works of wearable art using 2 different Japanese shibori techniques: Kanoko & Arashi.


our first live panel discussion, CONNECTING THE DOTS, hosted by kids for kids, where we invite a child host to interview a panel of creative professionals, business owners, and change-makers about what it’s like leading and living a creative life.

CONNECTING THE DOTS invites children to join in on the conversationsit's about piquing curiosity and seeing people that look like them creating a world they wish to live in, while exploring all the possibilities life brings. Through sharing memories of childhood and stories of creativity, failure, growth, and purpose, we open up the world for children to dream bigger and brighter for themselves.


we partnered with PUMA to bring a one-of-a-kind screen printing workshop for kids to their Flagship store in New York.

children learned how t-shirts are made and designed their own tees by operating a real screen printing press with guidance from our founders.

the designs were an assortment of affirmations that kids read aloud and selected to design their tees. practicing positive-self talk through this hands-on activity was so sweet to witness. the affirmations they chose from were: I am creative, I am courageous, I am kind, I am enough.


we joined forces with Shay and Fran Silvestre of Playful Modern Kids + IMAGENFOTOGRAFI to bring a family experience to DesignPhiladelphia: Kids Fest (2022).

through our cyanotype kit workshop, families harnessed the power of the sun to create their own works of art, using paper cut outs of daisy dots and wavy stripes from our universe and items found in nature (leaves, twigs, flowers).

our intention was to create a space within the festival families could reconnect, and enjoy themselves through play.


a pop-up collaboration with Faris Du Graf of FARIS, introducing kids to the world of jewelry-making and all its intricacies.

hosted at the FARIS Flagship store in Seattle, WA, children were invited to make their own necklaces with direction from the designer herself, using the same real tools and beads from the FARIS archive, resulting in stunning pieces that matched their personalities.


with a focus on racial equity, THE FEELS, a Seattle non-profit organization, provides youth with accessible and experiential learning programs that bridge the world of art and culture together.

it's never too early to talk about big feelings and ideas. through our Art Together workshop we started with a simple question to children: "what is a problem you'd like to solve?"

our creative students took a step-by-step process, designing unique graphics onto paper, followed by the process of burning their designs to screens, and applying their original graphics to t-shirts using a screen printing press. all hands on and all done by them.


celebrating the holidays, we took to our Philippine roots and shared the tradition behind the parol ng pag-asa (ornamental, star-shaped, paper lanterns), in collaboration with FAMILY GOODS, a Los Angeles-based, nomadic neighborhood art market party.

kids learned about the lantern's historical symbolism of bringing hope to the holiday season, and the now reclaimed meaning behind the 5 points of star: Kapaypaan (Peace), Karapatan (Rights), Katarungan (Justice), Kalayaan (Freedom), Katotohanan (Truth), while assembling their own lantern to bring home.


it's important to uplift youth and give them a platform to be seen. we want kids to not only feel centered and inspired through our clothing, but also through direct support of their dreams.

we had the honor of hosting the (then) 7 year old Filipina-Mexican artist, DEARGIANA, for her first solo exhibition in Seattle, WA. it was a full on family affair as she showcased over 40 original works of her iconic half/half fashion illustrations put together over the course of two years.