Connect the Dots Activity Booklet

Connect the Dots Activity Booklet

by même .

As kids, we loved diving into endless books of puzzles, coloring, and connect the dot activities. Happily spending so much time tracing our pencils around and around, until an image became clear. Watching our creations come to life gave us such a great feeling of accomplishment, as if we'd achieved the impossible!

This exercise, no matter how simple or challenging a task, was and still is a great way to spark the creative bug inside us. It shows us what's possible with the simplest tools and a little sprinkle of technique.

We've created these connect the dot activities for kids to enjoy, and set off some ideas of their own. The link below is a downloadable file, which we encourage you to print out, or use on your digital tablet at home. Let your kids explore and share their finished creations with us via Instagram so we can re-share.

We can't wait to see their finished art works! Enjoy! :)

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