PUMA x YOU (NYC): Our Screen Printing Workshop for Kids!

PUMA x YOU (NYC): Our Screen Printing Workshop for Kids!

by même .

This past November we had the honor of partnering with PUMA and their PUMAxYOU customization studio to host the first ever screen printing workshop for kids in New York City.

Children were given the opportunity to learn one of the most used methods of creating t-shirts, while also getting hands-on instruction with printing their own designs. We’re far from the days of sewing our clothing at home out of necessity – bringing a screen printing press for kids to learn about and use in person was an incredibly fun way to get kids involved with making their own clothes. They were taught about the various steps and different processes it takes to make a t-shirt from scratch, how to design a graphic and transfer it to mesh screens, and how to transfer that image onto clothing.

A special aspect of the experience was the affirmations. Kids were given the option to choose between four affirmations to squeegee onto their exclusive même. x PUMA shirts: I am creative, I am resilient, I am enough, and I am courageous. Choosing affirmations as the graphics was our idea of instilling confidence and self-awareness into the kids that visited. We believe in the importance of encouraging self-awareness and inner wisdom to young people as often as possible. To hear children read them out loud to themselves and selecting what they identified with was pure magic, and watching them lift up the screens to their newly created work of art is a memory that will last a lifetime.

We’re so thrilled with the amount of support and encouragement we’ve received with these experiences and look forward to hosting more experiential learning events with kids in the future!

même. PUMA tee

In the mean time, snag yourself a même. x PUMA t-shirt and bring your kids designs to life at home! Tag us on Instagram with @memekidswear #memekidswear for a chance to be featured and win a curated artist kit from us!